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About Me: Jessica Mathis

For several years now I have been deciding on what i would like to do when I "grow up." Well i am 24 years old and I believe i have found what i could do as my "hobby" for my "job" for the rest of my life! I could take photographs for the rest of my life, every single day, and i would absolutely love my "job". I put the word job in quotation marks simply because, i do not look at this as my job. It's my passion and my hobby. I hope it becomes a "job" for me, as in other people depend on me to do something for them.. Because i love it. At 18 years old, i married the love of my life. Then two months later, found out we we're having our first child, Mattie Belle. I worked a full time job before i was pregnant and while i was pregnant until 28 weeks into my pregnancy. Then there we're a few complications. I knew that if i didn't slow it down, i would have a sick or a premature baby. So i decided to follow dr's orders and stay on bed rest. Bed rest to me just mean't not waitressing like I was. So i went and sat at my grandmothers photography studio and wedding shop until Mattie was born. I always knew i wanted to work with the public, i just didnt know in which way.
After Mattie was born, i worked for my grandmother in her store and took the baby with me. I knew that i had to do something to be able to keep her with me at all times. Because i really hated the idea of leaving her with someone for me to work. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but i just wanted to be able to stay with her at all times and enjoy her being so little.
All along i had my eye on the photography aspects of the business. I just knew that it was calling my name. I just wasn't sure how to express it. So when Mattie was just 2 weeks old, i broke out the old cheap digital camera I had had for years, and started snapping pictures of my little angel. I went home and downloaded the photos onto my computer, and began editing. I thought to myself that i caught some pretty good images, which now i can see how i've grown. Every single day, that is what i thought of. It drove me insane. My grandmother invested in a digital set up, and it went from there. All of a sudden, i caught myself doing photos of my child every single day. I didn't want to miss one single image i could have captured. So after taking on some clients, and deciding that this was for me totally, i bought my own digital set up and it has grown from there. Now we have three children, Mattie almost 5, and Haygen almost 3 and Harper due in August 2013.
 I thank my wonderful husband for being so patient and supportive for my passion. Because without him, i couldn't be doing what i love to do. And my great and wonderful friend Christy, for standing behind me every single step of the way. I love you guys very much and appreciate every single contribution you have given me :D